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16 September, 2018

Ecobee Thermostat Running Too Hot? Here’s Why!

Ecobee Thermostat Running Too Hot? Here’s Why!

I have long past nuts lately buying new smart domestic merchandise including smart domestic Ecobee thermostats. Almost greater than what I can manage for initiatives in this 2700 square foot residence.

During the route of this current buying spree, my wife and I bought not one, now not two, but four Ecobee three Lite Thermostats. One for each sector in my house. I figured, if I’m going all in, then I’m going ALL IN!

Why Did I Buy Ecobee Thermostats?

Primarily I decided to buy those because of an upcoming 8-day journey to Disney in January…..We live in New England…..Thermostats ought to paintings or you've got frozen pipes and a whole slew of other residual troubles.

During the installation, we ran into a couple of various not unusual problems that weren’t so tough to discern out. After the installation component, all of the thermostats seemed to run quality for a couple of days without a hitch in any way. We even took the time to set them up with our Alexa for voice manage.

The Trouble Began My wife was given up and took our daughter to high school. Then rushed home and were given ready for work. In her hurry, she didn’t notice that the thermostat (which generally is set to 70 stages by using agenda all through that a part of the day) had somehow cranked itself up to some tiers above the regular temperature and became nonetheless hiking.

I do business from home and pretty tons work in my basement a massive part of the day. The only two times I go upstairs to do lots of anything I am now not close to any of the thermostats and wouldn’t think to test them. The thermostat in the basement appeared exceptional, so I wager I figured that not anything became incorrect anywhere else.

I even have read wherein human beings established several eco bees and after some weeks observed that at the least one in all they constantly displayed the temperature off by as much as five ranges and they were able to pass into the settings and set an offset of +five tiers so now it indicates the normal temperature.

I’ve also study online in the beyond, before I offered mine, that some human beings had been having troubles with their eco bee's getting warm and revealing the temperature as extra sweltering than the actual temperature. Specifically, Ecobee three’s which nearly made me suppose twice approximately the emblem.

 Ecobee-jogging-warm Around three PM whilst my spouse arrived domestic from work she yelled down to me within the basement and said: “WE HAVE A PROBLEM UP HERE”. So, of the route, I hightailed it up the steps as fast as I may want to discover what turned into on fireplace.

What Happened?

The trendy ecobee thermostat changed into by some means set to eighty-one stages and climbing without an end in sight although it becomes nevertheless set to 70 tiers. We accompanied the troubleshooting inside the manual or even reset the thermostat twice to authentic factory settings.

I right now contacted Ecobee technical support and informed them what become occurring. There are numerous motives that we selected to go with Ecobee. One of them is for his or her high-quality aid!

The representative I spoke with first requested us for the serial quantity of the ecobee unit and looked at the status file to peer while the hassle commenced occurring, which he should see from his end by means of connecting to our ecobee.

You also can go to the Ecobee internet site, and log in to look at your “home qi”. That tracks the temperature in each room and can help you determine out at the least whilst the problem began. We installed that it passed off right earlier than my wife went to take my daughter to high school that morning.

Next, he had us pull off the thermostat that becomes not operating effectively from the backplate and check the wiring. Which is extraordinarily smooth to do with an Ecobee thermostat. So we could tell proper away after checking our connections that the whole lot turned into installation right.

Due to the reality that it turned into meal time, I had to get off the telephone with Ecobee support. After consuming I almost called them back to preserve the technique.

However, alternatively, I notion approximately it for a minute and decided to exchange the thermostat inside the residing room with one in my daughters’ playroom and wager what? It labored perfectly exceptional. This eliminated the concept that our wiring changed into where the trouble changed into stemming from.

Ecobee Support Was Awesome!

Ecobee customer support
So I determined to call Ecobee to assist lower back and ask them what steps we needed to take? Our journey to Disney become planned for the approaching weekend and it changed into a Monday.
The aid representative that we spoke with kindly told me that they could deliver me out a substitute and do an RMA. He stated that he is probably capable of getting it to me in time. I asked, “don’t you need your damaged one lower back first”?

To my utter surprise he said “nope, we’ll ship out your new one to you proper away. When you get your RMA label, just return the broken one. No Rush.”

Well, once I picked my jaw up off the ground I hung up the telephone. Ecobee advised us that they best deliver on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s.

Remember, this turned into Monday and they had been transporting it to my house in New Hampshire from Toronto, Canada. I acquired the new one inbox on Thursday!

That method they basically over-nighted it so that it would be right here in time for us to go on vacation with the consolation of being able to see what the temperature become at our house.

Best Customer Service For Smart Thermostats

I’m surely amazed at the aid of Ecobee’s customer service and generally talking the quality of the product is exceptional. Sometimes it isn’t all about what you didn’t do right.

Sometimes it's miles definitely a defunct product and if the employer is willing to personal as much as it and take proper care of the purchaser like Ecobee did, then they land up getting a very good assessment like this.

If you would really like to test the contemporary pricing for Ecobee Thermostats take a look at out my encouraged thermostats page.

Am I pronouncing that Ecobee makes the pleasant thermostat? Maybe, maybe now not, but it becomes really worth the money for my part just to get that type of customer service at the again quit. To me, that is valuable.

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